Top Benefits of Becoming a Teacher are…

The opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children! Besides it, there are several other reasons that make teaching one of the top professions on mother earth! You pretty much don’t hear about the other factors that compliment teaching as a career.Teach to your advantage

If you are not cut out for the typical 9 to 5 office grind then it’s about time you consider becoming a certified teacher (A.K.A Guru!). To get even more convinced that getting an education degree is definitely worth your precious time, take a long look at the following:-


Why would anyone pursue a career in education?

10- If you thought being an educator won’t earn you a lot of money- Then think again! Times have changed, so the demand for qualified instructors is at an all time high. Assuming you have an accredited degree, get ready to earn a large amount of paycheck every month… Obviously it doesn’t fall in line with the make money notion. However it doesn’t mean that you won’t have enough cash to live a comfortable life. If one compares the instruction based industry to other professions, it is a fact that an experienced professor has a lot more earning potential than others (according to BLS). Another factor also seen as a financial advantage is the total increase of salary or pay hike over the years is usually much higher in the instructional and coaching sector. Remember that the salary hike is directly dependent on the years of experience and academic level.

9- Pension plans and health insurance are often not included due to the current recession and a slow economy. Employers are hard pressed to make spending cutbacks, resulting in less attractive employee benefits package. That’s not the case if you happen to be a teacher- Most school districts in United States pay out their premiums in full, while also making sure that they get one of the top dental, eye vision, and health care benefits as compared to others. If this isn’t icing on cake then what else is? If that’s not enough for you, how about some added advantages of teaching like reimbursement on tuition and sick days? Well as mentioned earlier, it not only earns you respect but it also pays out a lot more than everybody thinks!

8. Love What You Do & Do What You Love!

As the wise man says- if you follow your instincts, you are much more likely to succeed in real life. Those who have mastered the art of teaching will also tell you the same thing. Individuals who are passionate about the work they do, automatically exuberates confidence, motivation and positive vibes. If the concept of learning inspires you then it’s time to acquire a certificate.

7. No need for a Nanny…

This kind of job is ideal for those wanting to spend quality time with their family. You won’t have to hire anyone for babysitting your kids as the timings of your working schedule is synchronized to align perfectly with your children’s activities. To cut to the chase here, your kids will be in school while you are instructing at school! In turn, you will be free & flexible enough to attend to your kids demands on time.

6- It’s easier to be a pro in any subject matter as long as you keep teaching….

Students are always challenging faculty on their intellectuality and knowledge level. This is indeed a good thing because it will push them to attain deeper knowledge on the subjects they teach. This process ultimately becomes a blessing in disguise as they will end up becoming masters of any given topic.

5. You can have it in your own little way….

Unlike several other job industries, teachers are blessed to be working only the hours that are scheduled according to the school. Due to heavy competition and manpower problems, many companies nowadays force their employees to work 10 to 12 hours a day on average. Sure there are some days that requires to put in extra time for grading assignments, meetings etc. Whichever way you look at it, overall time that an educational instructor actually spends working is less than other working pros. On the most part, they are less likely to compromise on their lifestyle as compared to other corporate working cultures.

4- Classroom as your playground of inspiration

There isn’t a better promotional platform in the world than a classroom. Just think about it for a second, you are not only guiding individuals but also passing your thoughts & ideas onto the future of our country-“The Youth of America” to be precise! I don’t know about you but it would be great to wake up every day knowing that I have the power to inspire the next generation of Americans to make something out of their life.

3- Get one of the most secured job future…

Most of the teaching community demands self-respect more than money. This is one of the reasons why the educational institutions and people working in it understand the importance of a good educating staff. There are rarely any layoffs or cutbacks that happen in the academic field. Most of the jobs require stability & experience of the faculty to be able to provide and teach advanced education to students. Quality learning is heavily dependent on well experienced faculty to maintain the educational standard of colleges. If you are looking for job security, look no further… An online education degree is the right choice!(read more about distance education here)

2. Get the most holidays

I don’t need to explain this part at all… Do I? Most people are lucky enough to get some time off once a year. However, as an educator you got special privileges that most people can only dream about. Every time a student enjoys a vacation (winter or summer), you won’t be left alone. You will be free to do whatever you like without stressing over the holidays. Go on, take a break now! By they way, don’t forget that you will also get paid for taking a vacation!

So what tops them all?

1- Knowing ANSWERS to all the questions in the universe!

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