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A teacher is a friend, coach, motivator,but most of all, is a person who inspires and encourages students to attain knowledge on their own.

It all depends on the approach one takes towards educating children – the style, if you will. Some teachers can be very authoritative while others have a very lenient approach.

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A teacher has various responsibilities depending on the subject. Teaching is a complex job, and cannot be taken lightly. They must have a broad understanding of the subject matter and set high standards. Discipline is a trait one must inculcate in the students when they’re at an impressionable age.

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Great teachers (Gurus) often set high expectations for their students – they are always organized and prepared. As educators, enabling them to tackle a problem in a variety of ways. They also have a social responsibility and are instrumental in turning children into responsible adults.

Educators, in today’s context, have a greater role in educating the students on how to lead their lives. This is a critical aspect of their job in the context of college or high school where most students tend to be drawn towards truant behavior and the temptations of immoral activities. Here, educators play a crucial role to keep them from straying off the right path. In most cases they become role models to individuals who are going through a rough patch. Their job doesn’t end with imparting subject information but extends towards being a guide and an advisor.

Today, the academic system, with its many flaws is inadequate in its approach to providing holistic education to students. They often educate the parents on delicate issues like child support so that they can benefit from it. They also personally help them out by giving them information on the way their kids need to be guided.

Teachers are the first and the most basic source of knowledge for a kid; children literally grow in front of them as the years pass. It is this profession that gives you respect, joy and the feeling of responsibility. They get the opportunity to mold the next generation of youth to become respectable social beings; they are the reason why so many children gain knowledge. They are selfless beings, imagine the world without them, it would be a world without knowledge, and would this world be a proper place to live in then? If teachers like all of us choose to work on their own and stop imparting knowledge, the nation would never develop. Hence, teaching is considered as an important and extremely respectable profession.

As the high school dropout rates escalate to new heights, and attendance levels hit an all-time low, there is need for immediate action and a reconstruction of the educational system. The system needs to be more inclusive of individual needs and must strive to find new ways to encourage and hone a student’s key strengths and talents. To build a better tomorrow, their methods must evolve with the times, reacting positively to change and of course, never stop learning.

While teaching is in its own way a social responsibility, a teachers’ service must increase its range and reach out to unfortunate children, whose parents may be unable to fund their education. Sponsoring a kid’s education may be beyond the capability of struggling, single parents in dire need of child support. For this, one may always contact child support contact number ,child support agency contact and do their bit to help out.

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