Pros & Cons of Online Classes

If you are having second thoughts on whether to go for a traditional class or have yourself enrolled in online classes, then it’s better to weigh all pros and cons before putting your education at risk. Although, many of us have gone to school the traditional way attending classes, many people nowadays are already into the modernized way of learning. So if you’re thinking of the second option, then it’s better to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of online classes.


Advantages of Online Classes:

• Online classes are suitable for individuals who are shy enough to socialize with other people while learning.Benefits of online classes

• Aside from time, you can also save money for not having to commute to school every day.

• You are not limited with your choices. It doesn’t matter where you are located, getting the same quality of education like others is possible through eLearning.

• Schedules are more flexible. Plus you still get the chance to customize your own course. In other words, classes are available anytime, and you can have it your own way when you want.

• Aside from learning, you also get the chance to work. While taking distance education classes, you can still work online having a part-time job.

Disadvantages of Online Classes:

• For those individuals who learn more while being able to socialize with other people, then online classes may not be suitable for them and the regular way of attending lectures would suit them much better.

• Dishonesty is also possible depending on the method of teaching and how the online course is being delivered. Without having an instructor in front, cheating likely happens online. Students may also be seduced by using online databases of essays and term paper samples , which are so popular these days.

• You should embrace the idea of working independently. Though you may get the chance to interact with other students online and with your instructor of course, you still have to schedule your classes properly and deal with it on your own in order to get every assignment done.

• You also need to have technical skills, which may be new to you, to have yourself enrolled online. You need to have computer skills to keep track of the discussion and avoid downtime.

• You don’t get the chance to interact personally with other people, especially with your own instructor, which is actually common in a traditional class setting. Getting the instruction with the use of any medium is still not the same as receiving it firsthand.

Before engaging in the new method of learning, you need to get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of online classes first. Like if you go online, your time will be more flexible. However, if there’s an advantage, there will always be a disadvantage. You don’t get the chance to socially interact with other people. If you’re the type of person who likes getting along with others, then there’s a possibility that you may find distance learning classes to be a bit boring. But still, the choice is definitely yours!

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